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Professional teeth whitening available in Burton on Trent

Many of us could probably take a look at our teeth in a mirror and realise that they are not as white as we might like. The discolouration and staining that we notice can have a number of causes including smoking and the drinking of red wine, but is also an unavoidable consequence of getting older.

However well we clean and look after our teeth, the inner structures will darken over time and cause our teeth to lose the whiteness that they once had. When this factor is combined with darkening caused by personal habits such as smoking, it can leave our teeth looking quite unpleasant and, for some, may even cause a loss of confidence in their smile.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Whilst cleaning our teeth may help to prevent some of the discolouration for a while, the only wat to restore the whiteness of your teeth is to have a professional tooth whitening procedure.

Of the many methods of whitening teeth, we use two in this practice. Our main technique is home whitening using custom made whitening trays, but we occasionally use a power whitening technique in the surgery.

How is the treatment carried out?

An initial tooth whitening consultation is required. We need to identify whether your case will be a simple, intermediate or advanced case.

We also need to try and assess whether there might be any issues with sensitivity before we start.

In some cases, there is obvious wear around the necks of the teeth and these might need restoring with fillings before we can start whitening. Some teeth also have white or brown patches (or both!) which might require further treatment (such as microabrasion and icon infiltration) after the whitening phase has finished.

If any individual teeth are much darker than their neighbours, we will take a radiograph of the root to check that it is healthy. Also existing fillings and crowns will not change colour, so they may need replacing after the whitening phase.

You will be given a “What to expect during your whitening treatment” information leaflet.

Once a treatment plan has been formulated, you will be asked to sign a consent form and  impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth. These are used to fabricate the whitening trays (this takes 1-2 weeks).

On the second appointment, you will be shown how to fit the trays and how to place the whitening gel.

The next appointment will usually be 2-3 weeks after this to review the progress. Follow up appointments will be arranged as necessary.

Cost of tooth whitening depends upon the type of case. The basic price for simple tooth whitening is from £545. Intermediate cases start from £599 and advanced cases can only be quoted on an individual basis.


Tooth whitening can make teeth sensitive. The conditioning tooth paste helps to prevent this. It also helps to prolong the whitening effect. The home kit (supplied on your second visit) contains cotton buds with desensitiser inside. These should be used every night for the first 3-5 nights and then as required.

If you have discoloured patches on teeth, they will whiten at a different rate to the rest of that particular tooth (quicker or slower). The net result should be that patches are much less visible when the treatment is finished, although this takes up to four weeks of home whitening.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes

At our practice, we are often asked about the teeth whitening toothpastes that are advertised on TV. Whilst we feel that these do little or no harm, they are almost pointless as the amount of the whitening ingredient that is allowed in them by law is minimal due to safety regulations.

Whilst we can’t say that these have no benefit, what we can say is that it will be so small as to be barely noticeable to the patient or their friends and family.

DIY teeth whitening kits are also available and whilst these do contain a stronger solution of the active ingredient, there are two disadvantages. The first is that the strength is still significantly weaker than that allowed for the professional process and also that the kits are often quite difficult to apply. Consequently the risk of burns to lips and gums is much greater.

Ultimately, if you want to have your teeth successfully and safely whitened, a professional dentist is the only recommended way to ensure a great result.

If you would like more information about the teeth whitening procedures we offer at our Burton upon Trent dental practice, please contact us on 01283 845345.

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Teeth Whitening

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