New Patients

The first visit to a new practice can be quite a daunting experience; nobody likes change and often patients feel apprehensive coming into unfamiliar surroundings.

Our aim is to make this initial visit as comfortable as possible. Our new patient examination appointment usually lasts for approximately 30 minutes and we like to achieve three aims.

New Patient Examination Appointment

Firstly we introduce ourselves to the patient and enquire about the reasons for choosing us and about the past dental experiences.

Secondly, we will carry out thorough examination of the mouth using our 12 point dental health check.

Thirdly, we will discuss the findings of the examination and discuss any proposed treatment.

Before your visit, we would be grateful if you would download, print and complete the two forms below and then please bring these along with you:

A written report will be sent to you after the visit as we find that this is a very useful method of ensuring that we have explained the proposed treatment, timings and costs in detail. In some cases, extra visits may be required if the treatment is going to be extensive or if there are choices to be made.

In general, if there is a choice of treatments, we prefer the patient to decide what is best for them. It is very important to us that we clearly explain what can be done and that the patient is happy with the choice made.

Our passion is helping you have a healthy mouth

Twelve Point Dental Health Check

Our aim is to look after our patients in all aspects of the dental and oral health.

  1. How healthy do you feel your teeth and gums are right now?
  2. Any problems or issues in your mouth?
  3. How is your general health?
  4. Life style risks: Do you smoke or drink, suffer from stress or diabetes or obesity
  5. Do you clean in between your teeth as well as brush them regularly?
  6. Are you happy with the appearance of your mouth?
  7. Examine tongue lips and cheeks (cancer screening check) are they healthy?
  8. Examine the joints: do they move smoothly and silently?
  9. Is there plaque present on the teeth?
  10. Gums: are they healthy or are there signs of gum disease?
  11. Teeth and restorations: are they sound, are there any signs of excessive tooth wear?
  12. Radiographs as required to check the health of hidden areas


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