Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Burton

Are artificial replacements (made of titanium) for the root of a natural tooth. The success of an implant relies upon there being sufficient bone volume (both height and width); smoking, alcohol consumption and some medical conditions adversely affect the success. Grafting procedures can help to overcome deficiencies in the bone volume and are done either before (3-6 months) or during implant placement.

Implants are either restored by means of a crown (1 tooth per implant) or by means of a bridge (more teeth than implants). In some cases, they are used to support and retain a denture. Assessment of the proposed site is done by means of study models, radiographs and a CT scan.

The implant is placed under the gum using a local anaesthetic and although you will be aware of the procedure, the whole process is painless. There can be some discomfort and swelling (and very occasionally, bruising) for a few days afterwards. Stitches are often used and these are removed 7-10 days later.

The implant is left undisturbed until the bone has grown firmly around it. It is then uncovered and an impression taken. This is used to make the crown and takes at least 2 weeks. Once the crown is fitted, the area should be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that all is well. Implants can suffer from gum disease and you should see the dental hygienist as well.

Bone grafting is used if there is not enough bone at the proposed site. This can increase the amount of swelling and soreness (and bruising) and can extend the treatment time. Graft materials come in three types; human, animal and synthetic.

I routinely use either animal or synthetic materials. Both types are routinely used in implant dentistry and are considered to be completely safe to use. Extensive bone defects require the use of block grafts harvested from either the lower jaw (chin or the lower wisdom tooth region) or from the Iliac crest (hip area). This type of procedure often requires either sedation or a general anaesthetic. There is also the possibility of using bone blocks from other human sources.

Straumann Implants

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Dental Implants

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