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Using a dental bridge to replace missing teeth at SG Dental in Burton

Dental bridges are a popular method to replace missing teeth, either individually or where a number of teeth are missing. In effect, they are ‘false teeth’ but are held in place in a different manner to dentures. Unlike dentures, the bridge is fitted by attaching the replacement teeth to a crown at either end which is then fitted over the patient’s natural teeth either side of the gap.

Most bridges are made from porcelain although these can also sometimes be bonded to metal where additional strength is needed, such as at the rear of the mouth where the teeth will be more heavily used in the process of chewing.

The Procedure

Initially, a consultation will be arranged where you will be examined by our dentist and a decision will then be taken as to whether a dental bridge is your best option.

Once it has been decided that a bridge is actually the best option for your own individual case, the area where the bridge is to be fitted will be numbed using a local anaesthetic. The teeth either side of the gap will then be shaped to prepare them for the crowns that hold the new teeth in place to be fitted.

Once the teeth have been prepared, an impression will be taken of the area and this will be sent to a laboratory for the preparation of the bridge. During the time when your dental bridge is being produced, you will usually be fitted with a temporary bridge which will protect the prepared teeth.

Once the new bridge has been produced, the temporary bridge will then be removed and the new bridge fitted. We will then check that it fits correctly, check that your bite is correct and may make minor adjustments if necessary.

Although each case varies, it may be necessary to arrange a number of follow up visits to our Burton on Trent dental practice, to check the bridge and make any adjustments that may be needed.

Once fitted correctly, a dental bridge should be expected to last in the region of between ten and fifteen years, although this may depend on the patient’s eating habits and their oral care regime.

Why have a dental bridge fitted?

Apart from the obvious aesthetic reasons for eliminating gaps in your teeth, leaving this gap would eventually have an adverse impact on your other teeth as it will allow them to move around and become crooked. Over a period of time, it may also cause a change in the shape of your face too.

When teeth become crooked and uneven, this is likely to affect the bite and this, in turn, may lead to other dental complications later on in life.


Whilst a dental bridge is an effective way to replace missing teeth, it does, of course need a degree of aftercare. It is extremely important to clean the area well to prevent the destructive onset of gum disease.

At SG Dental in Burton on Trent, we will give you the best possible advice to help ensure that you get the best possible use from your new dental bridge for many years to come.

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