Orthodontics – Why Straight Teeth Matter

Crooked teeth are not only unsightly but can lead to other problems too.

It has long been a running joke in the USA that the British have very crooked teeth. This can often be seen in cartoons with characters having ridiculously protruding and uneven teeth. Of course, things are not quite that bad but it is true that the USA has a longer history of cosmetic dentistry than the UK and probably a wider acceptance among younger people about the need to wear dental braces. Unfortunately, although the UK is rapidly catching up with the USA in terms of cosmetic dentistry, it can still be a challenge to persuade some of our Burton patients that they need to have their teeth straightened.

There are a number of possible reasons for this reluctance. One is perhaps that we have just got used to having less than perfect teeth, but this is changing, especially in the younger generation who don’t wish to replicate the crooked smiles of generations before them. Despite this, there is still the challenge to convince people that wearing braces is the only way to achieve their aims. Thankfully, with newer styles braces, which we will discuss a little later, this is becoming easier to do.

Why straight teeth?

The most visible and obvious reason is, as mentioned previously, that uneven and crooked teeth don’t look great and can certainly spoil what would otherwise be an attractive smile. We all know that we react more positively when someone smiles and can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to dating and even job interviews. Knowing that you have a great looking smile with nice even teeth can also build confidence which can have a significant and positive impact in many areas of our lives.

Appearance and confidence aren’t the only reasons that you should consider having orthodontic treatment at SG Dental and Implant Centre though. Another very important reason is that straight teeth are much easier to keep clean. Crooked teeth or teeth that overlap or are pushed close together can create tight spaces where small pieces of food debris and bacteria can collect but which can be very difficult to clean with a toothbrush and even by using dental floss. Over time, this may well lead to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. However well you clean your teeth and even spend money on cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, your smile will certainly be affected by these problems.

Conversely, straight and even teeth are much easier to keep clean and eliminates the problem of tight spaces where problems can start. It is also much easier to reach the spaces between the teeth with toothbrush bristles and by flossing.

Visible and uncomfortable dental braces

Having accepted the need to have their teeth straightened, the next hurdle is usually the thought of having to wear braces that are very noticeable and also possibly uncomfortable due to the wiring used. There are two pieces of good news for patients of SG Dental and Implant Centre here. First of all, while traditional wire and bracket braces are still available, those choosing more aesthetically pleasing orthodontics will find that more discreet forms of these are available for minor corrections, such as a mildly overlapping tooth at the front.

For problems like this we may recommend modern versions of the traditional wire and bracket style brace which uses much finer materials and which are also made to match the colour of your teeth. These are much less visible and, in cases such as this, are often worn for a short period of time only.

When it comes to more extensive corrections being needed, newer style orthodontics can also be used. These no longer use the wires and brackets of traditional braces but use a series of transparent ‘trays’ which fit directly over the teeth. These are produced at a specialist dental laboratory following scans of your teeth. Each tray is designed to move your teeth a little towards their final position and once the first ‘tray’ has reached its aim, it is removed and replaced with the next one. This process is repeated until you have nicely even teeth again.

Not only are these trays almost unnoticeable except perhaps on close examination, they are also removable by the patient. While removing them should be kept to the minimum to avoid extending the length of time they need to be worn to achieve their aim, they are designed to be removed when eating and for cleaning your teeth. This means that, unlike is sometimes the case with wired braces, you won’t find yourself avoiding certain foods because they might get trapped in the wiring (spinach for example). There is also less risk of decay being caused by food that can get trapped in the wires. The fact that you can remove the aligners to clean your teeth means that you should end up with a nice smile and a healthy mouth too!

If you are unhappy about your smile due to having crooked teeth and would like to discuss that, or any other aspect of your smile or oral health in general with us, please contact us today by calling our Burton dental clinic on 01283 845345.